Sunday, December 11, 2011

Instructions for Treat Boxes using Cricut Imagine

I have had some requests to post the instructions for how I made the treat boxes, so here is my version, that worked for me using the Cricut Imagine.  Cricut Circle members can also see instructions for a larger size using other Cricut machines, posted by one of the blog designers, Cindy Royal, in the July 30 blog post. Thanks, Cindy, for this awesome project!

Using Sweet Tooth Boxes cartridge:
1    at 5.6” for the box bottom (see diagram 10, page 60 in the handbook). Score and assemble
1    at 5.7” for the box top.  Score and assemble.
2    at 5.6” (see diagram 13, page 64 in the handbook)
1   9 ¾” by 4 5/8” piece of transparency. Score at 3 ¼” from each end. Score and fold tabs as shown in diagram 11a.
1   4 ½” by 4 5/8” piece of transparency. Score at ½” from each end.
Assembling the box:
Attach the transparency pieces together to form a square shape (I used Terrifically Tacky Tape)
Insert a square insert into one end of the transparency form, matching the edges of the folded tabs on the insert evenly with the edge of the transparency, and secure with double sided tape. Place into box bottom (the 5.6” box). (After placing the assembled piece in to make sure it fit, I took it out, added glue along the inside bottom edges of the box bottom, and then put it back in.)  Make sure it is seated all the way down so it touches the glue.
Insert a square insert into the top of the transparency box, following the same directions as above, insert plastic tubes through the holes, and put the lid on.


  1. wow, I thought the box itself was did an excellent job making them!

  2. Your the featured project of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow, fantastic!

  3. I saw that Sandee! Kind of exciting!